Puppy Application

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Which of the following are you applying for? (If you choose Guardian, please navigate to that page of our website and review it in its entirety.
What breed are you interested in?
Do you prefer a Male/Female?
What is your size preference?
What is your color preference? Please choose more than one.
If applying for a Guardian, are you looking for a puppy or are you open to an older dog?
Which of the following are you applying for? (If you choose Guardian, please navigate to that page of our website and review it in its entirely. If you have questions, please ask prior to submitting your application.)
If you selected Guardian Puppy, please review the Guardian Family page of our website to determine it you meet the requirements. If you are unsure, contact me directly prior to submitting an application. Do you meet the requirements?
If you chose Guardian Puppy, do you agree to all the terms set forth on the website, feeding only the food & supplements required by GimiPup, training and having the puppy readily available as needed for appointments/dates? Also do you understand this dog is owned solely by Gimi Pup until the guardian commitment is completed?
If you have children, have they been exposed to dogs?
Are you equipped to train your puppy with love, patience and understanding and never use fear or striking as a form of discipline?
Do you understand that puppies have sharp teeth and use their mouth to explore (much like a child)? This is normal activity. Puppies require exercise and stimulation. Are you ready to provide this for your new puppy?
Do you or your spouse/significant other work OUTSIDE of the home during the week? I am trying to gauge how much time your puppy will be without adult supervision?
How many hours per day do you expect your puppy to be home alone?
Are all family members in agreement to adding a dog to your home?
Best form of communication.
Describe your house hold activity level:
Describe your home
Have you ever had a pet with parvo, distemper or any other virus in your home or yard while he/she was sick? Provide detailed information including dates/timeframes.
Crate training is highly recommended. It is actually a requirement for our guardian puppies. Do you agree to crate train?
Are you committed to caring for this puppy/dog tor the duration of his/her life, which could be 14+ years?
Are you aware of the time and energy needed to care for a young puppy and are you willing to accept the responsibility?
How did you find GimiPup?
Does anyone in your household have allergies to dogs? (Only dog allergies apply to this question.)
Do you agree to ESN your pup (early spay/neuter by 6 months of age)?