Guardian Program

At GimiPup Doodles our number one priority is the care and wellbeing of our beloved dogs. In order to provide the level of attention and care we believe our pups deserve, each of our exceptional pups are selectively placed with a loving family of their own.

What is a Guardian Home?


We refer to our elite pawrents as Gimipup Guardians.  Each Guardian pup will be raised not only as a pet but as a member of the family for the duration of the pup’s life.  They are cherished and go on life’s adventures with their Guardian families while occasionally taking a break to extend their legacy with a beautiful litter of puppies. We limit the number of litters each dog produces to ensure they stay healthy and enjoy a long and happy retirement. This keeps standards high and allows us to uphold our ethical breeding philosophy. GimiPup Doodles will retain exclusive breeding rights to any dogs in our guardian program.  We choose only the best, most compassionate, and devoted families to care for our rare and desirable pups.  As a Gimipup Guardian, one is committed to love, train, and meet all of the pup’s basic needs. Here at Gimipup, we are here to give you the tools to meet your new pup’s every need. We do all that we can to take out the guesswork so in the end, you will have the confident, cool, and calm pet of your dreams. 


Guardian Requirements

  • Live within 90 minutes of Denham Springs, Louisiana and be flexible to drop off and pick up the dog for health testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping puppies. 
  • Have a fenced in yard. (The fence needs to be secure enough that the dog cannot escape.)
  • Have no other intact dogs in your home or yard (spayed or neutered dogs are OK).
  • Have pet ownership experience.
  • Be OK with female heat cycles if becoming a guardian home for a female.
  • Be willing to use our trainer for basic training, complete the course and submit certificate of completion. 
  • Comply with breeder’s nutritional and dietary guidelines and pay all cost and expenses associated with feeding the dog, supplements required, keep dog up to date on and cover cost on all vaccines, heart worm meds, flea and tick medications and pay for sick visits to the veterinarian. All of which you would do with any other pet.  We cover all expenses related to breeding. 
  • Provide pictures and updates every month.
  • Stay in close contact with the breeder keeping us up to date on any and all helpful, necessary information related to the Guardian Pup.  If the breeder finds it difficult to reach the Guardian Family, is met with road blocks or cantankerous communication in any form (comments, phone calls, text messages etc.) that make this working relationship hostile and /or if the Guardian Family refuses to do anything breeder asks as set forth in this document, the dog will be removed from the home – no question. 

Guardian Responsibilities


Basic Obedience 

Each and every one of our puppies will start their journey with their new Gimipup Guardian Family going through The Puppy System.  We started including this in our Gimipup Guardian Package and it has made a world of difference, and we have found to be essential in setting both family and puppy up for success. If you’re not willing to commit to The Puppy System, please do not apply as it is a requirement. Guardian must submit certificate of completion once course is completed. This is to ensure that our dogs know basic commands and you must be able to reinforce these commands throughout the life of the dog. This is a huge part of responsible dog ownership. Your dog needs to know the basic commands such as “sit”, “off”, “come”, and “down”. They must also know how to walk properly on a leash. Teaching your dog this sort of calm, well mannered, self regulation, control and focus is a huge part of setting yourself and your pup up for a long and happy relationship as well as helping you and puppy bond more quickly and on a deeper level.  

Potty train and crate train 

This is a must. When the dog stays with us for breeding, whelping, or dog-sitting, your dog must sleep in a kennel here and will be expected to remain calm and quiet white kenneled. When they are here, they are part of our family and will be treated as such, but they will be kenneled when we are gone or asleep.



Make sure the dog remains socialized and is used to other people, small kids and other animals. 

  • Keep the dog brushed (line brush to get the root as well), nails trimmed, and ears clean. I can show you exactly what we expect and how to properly maintain your dog’s coat. Regular grooming is key. Dog’s coat must always be presentable as they are a representation of our Gimipup brand and need to be photoshoot ready at any given time.  Dog must never be shaved down or cut shorter than one inch all over body and we will send examples to show your groomer for guidelines the look we are going for.    


Transportation & Boarding
  • Gimipup offers boarding free of charge if/when the guardian has travel plans. The guardian agrees to bring the dog to the breeder anytime the guardian owner needs a dog sitter or boarding while away. The guardian agrees to make the breeder aware of this at least two weeks ahead of time. If the breeder cannot take the dog during this time, the breeder will allow a dog sitter that has been approved by the breeder to care for the dog. This is our way of not only knowing that our breeding dog is safe and taken care of, but also retaining a loving relationship with him/her while keeping them familiar with us and our home. This also helps the guardian pup to remain comfortable and calm when they come for visits related to breeding which will in turn also typically aid in the success of performing their duties as far as the breeding process goes.  
  • Allow the breeder to pick-up the dog for mating visits and veterinarian appointments, upon demand. The breeder shall have the right to exercise temporary custody of the dog during breeding cycles, upon demand and as long as necessary (usually no longer than a week).


Exercise & Mental Stimulation

Guardian must provide enough exercise and mental stimulation needed for the dog to be a happy, well mannered, healthy breeding dog.

Do not overfeed the dog. If the dog gains too much weight too fast, this will put pressure on the dog’s growing hips and joints and cause issues.

  • Guardians agree to pay for travel expenses related to breeding, whelping, and veterinary visits if the guardian owner moves more than two hours away for any reason. If the breeder agrees to travel in this case, guardian will pay for travel expenses.
  • Notify the breeder of any and all aggressive behavior by the dog, against any household pet or resident. The breeder shall have the discretionary right to have the dog spayed or neutered and/or retire the dog, since aggressive behavior can sometimes pass down to offspring.
  • If any lawsuits are placed against the owner of the dog for an incident that occurred on the guardian’s property, guardian will take full financial responsibility.
  • There will be fines due from the guardian if any of the following occurs:
    • The dog was bred without the breeder’s prior written consent.
    • The dog was spayed or neutered without the breeder’s prior written consent.
    • The dog is unable to breed anymore due to the guardian’s negligence.
    • Dog is returned to breeder in poor health. 
    • Dog is returned to breeder and dog has clearly not been taught rules, boundaries and limitations.  Guardian will pay for dog to have a professional rehabilitate the dog by whatever means necessary due to the neglect.  
  • Give the dog back to the breeder at any time the guardian family cannot take care of the dog anymore. In this case, this contract will terminate. 
  • Notify the breeder of any vet appointments. 

Breeder Responsibilities

  • Payment of all health testing for breeding, and any other breeding related expenses.
  • Care for the dog while he/she is with us for breeding and whelping. Breeder will cover the cost of feeding during this time. 
  • Pay for the dogs Spay/Neuter at the end of the contract.

How does this work?

Male Dogs

We will be in close contact throughout the crucial first year of your pups life as well as throughout their breeding career here at Gimipup.  At 1 year of age (in some cases as early as 8-9 months of age) Guardian males will be further evaluated and will officially enter into our breeding program as a GimiPup Stud. Gimipup Doodles decides when each dog will be bred and to whom.  The males will have “play dates” with their chosen female and return home after a successful breeding has occurred.  This process can be anywhere from a couple hour play date or can at times mean having a night or two sleep over.  GimiPup studs will need to be available for “play dates” or collections and we do our best to scheduled these in advance.  On the rare occasion that we do need a stud’s services last minute, we will do all we can to accommodate the guardian family’s schedule. Once our GimiPup stud’s career is over, usually around age 6yo, he will be neutered (at Gimipup’s expense) and will live the rest of his life with his Guardian Family.  

    Female Dogs

    We will be in close contact throughout the crucial first year of your pups life as well as throughout their breeding career here at Gimipup.  After a Guardian female’s second heat cycle, usually around 1 1/2 years, of age she will be evaluated and will officially enter our program as a GimiPup Mama.  Females will meet at our home for breeding between 3-8 days and will return to the guardian home for the duration of pregnancy (normal gestation is about 63 days in total, starting at date of obvulation). She will then return to us about a week before her due date (normally around day 52) to deliver, whelp and raise her puppies. Once the puppies are weaned, which is typically when pups are around 6-8 weeks of age, the female can return to her Guardian Family. When the dog has completed his/her breeding obligations (typically by around age 3-4), we pay for the spay/neuter and release ownership of the dog to you so that she can return home to enjoy the wonderful life that you have provided for her since puppyhood.



    Considerations of male Guardians:

    • Male dogs can only mate with approved females, so the Guardian Home is responsible for keeping the male away from intact female dogs. Dogs, like humans, can contract STDs which is another very important reason to prevent any unwanted “play dates” from happening. 
    • Guardians of intact males will need to consider the importance of keeping him properly contained to prevent unwanted litters or STDs.

    Considerations of female Guardians:

    • The Guardian Family will need to learn the signs of a heat cycle and be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us to ensure a successful breeding.  We will provide articles and videos to help you understand the process and what to look for as well as be here for continued support throughout the process.   
    • Guardians of females will need to be comfortable dealing with several (typically but not limited to 5-6) heat cycles as well as keeping their girl protected from unwanted males.
    • Guardians of females will have to be comfortable being away from their dog for an extended period of time (normally around 2 months each litter). The Guardian pup female will do this 1-4 times during her breeding career with her health always put first.  
    • The guardian family is allowed to visit and we can always use an extra hand at giving puppy snuggles. Please check in before dropping by unexpectedly as at times this will be perfectly fine and welcomed but there may be times that scheduling an appointed time and date can be more conducive to a calm and safe environment for all of our pups and parents

    As a GimiPup Guardian Home, you get a high quality, pick of the litter pup without paying the pet price and you become that puppy’s forever home. You also become a member of our coveted GimiPup Guardian Family. We are always here to support you and your Gimipup Guardian Pup and look forward to you joining our team of esteemed dog lovers. Gimipup Doodles retains breeding rights of the dog.  Male dogs contracts tend to be longer and they are bred on an “as needed” basis.

    Fill out a Puppy Application and make sure you click the box that you are interested in being a guardian home. Guardian families sign a legally binding contract agreeing to the terms. Before being matched with a dog, all potential guardian homes may be required to participate in a home visit and/or background check. This does not guarantee you will be chosen. Please be aware that the guardian home program requires us to have a very close relationship during the time our contract is in place.

    While the dog is in our breeding program, GimiPup Doodles pays for all breeding-related expenses.  Guardian Homes are responsible for all typical “pet” expenses and maintenance, including grooming by a professional, dog food, pet-related vet visits (annual vaccinations, parasite prevention-following Gimipup Doodles guidelines), training, etc. Refer to the bullet list below.

    There are many things that Guardian Families need to consider.. We view our Guardian Home Program as a true “win-win” situation. Our Guardian Families receive a “pick of the litter” quality puppy free of charge in return for working with Gimipup Doodles during the breeding years of the dog, and we have the satisfaction of knowing that our breeding dogs are living life as cherished family members.

    Gimipup Doodles decides when each dog will be bred and to whom. 

    Available Guardians







    Available Guardians


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