Frequently Asked

We understand that choosing the right breeder and finding the perfect companion can be a big decision. To assist you in making an informed choice, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions about our breeding practices, our animals, and our commitment to providing a positive experience for both our clients and our animals.

How did you get into breeding?

 I have always had a love for animals. I am a highly empathetic human, always have been. I have always been that weird kid that would wander from the crowd to play with any and every animal around. I was drawn to them and them to me. It is still this way to this day. After we got our doodles it just made sense, everything fell right into place and we haven’t looked back since. 


Can you give me a call?

Please make sure you have taken the time to look over our site and educate yourself.  Once you have taken the time to do this, we will be happy to schedule a date and time for a phone call to answer any further questions you might have.


What breeds of puppies do you specialize in?

We specialize in Mini Bernedoodles, Mini and Micro Sheepadoodles, ALDs (Australian Labradoodles -this breed contains no Australian Shepard) and Cavapoos puppies, all of which are known for their friendly and gentle temperament. They are intelligent making them a joy to train, great with children and other pets, making them amazing family dogs. We also chose these breeds for their innate ability to be some of the most ideal breeds for service, therapy and facility work. Not to mention, their striking, killer looks that are sure to turn heads wherever they go.

How do you ensure the health of your puppies?

We prioritize the health of our puppies through regular veterinary check-ups, vaccination schedules and genetic health testing. Each puppy is raised in a clean and nurturing environment.

What kind of socialization do your puppies receive?
Our puppies are raised in a family setting on the Empowered BAB Advance Service Dog Curriculum and receive ample socialization with humans and other animals from a young age.
How can I reserve a puppy?
To reserve a puppy, please fill out our application and someone will get with you in 2-3 business days. A reservation fee is required and reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
Can I get references from previous puppy buyers?
Certainly, we can provide you with references from satisfied buyers who have adopted puppies from us in the past.
What kind of training do your puppies receive?
Our puppies undergo introduction/crate training, intro to potty training and socialization training to ensure a smooth transition to their new homes.
What's your approach to breeding and genetics for puppies?
We prioritize responsible breeding practices and focus on [genetic diversity / minimizing hereditary health issues]. Our breeding pairs are chosen with careful consideration.
Do you offer a health guarantee for your puppies?

Quick Answer:
Yes, we provide a 2 year health guarantee for our puppies.
Long Answer :
1. The seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health (minus potential intestinal parasites) and has received the following:
A. Age-appropriate immunizations
B. D e w o r m i n g
C. Health certificate (available at the time the Buyer takes possession)
2. The Seller provides warranty against debilitating congenital defects for a period of two (2) years after the date of sale. *If kept on their current food (Pawtree) for at least the first 5 years we will extend our 2 year warranty to a total of 5 years.
A. Seller guarantees all possible steps have been taken with the sire/ dam selection and breeding to prevent hereditary issues.
B. Debilitating congenital defects are defined as those present since birth that are either life threatening or would prevent the puppy
from fulfilling the intended purpose for which it was purchased
C. Any suspected debilitating congenital defect must be confirmed by a licensed veterinarian (including necropsy if the dog dies). i. Buyer must supply any requested veterinary records related to the dog’s condition to the seller within seven days of diagnosis. ii. Seller has the right to require a second opinion from a vet and/or vet specialist of the Seller’s choice at the Seller’s expense. ili. If necropsy is performed and results in undetermined or inconclusive diagnosis, warranty is void.
D. If a congenital defect is identified within the warranty period, the Buyer has the option to obtain a replacement puppy from the Seller of equal or lesser value from the next available litter.

What if I can no longer care for the puppy?
We have a return policy / rehoming assistance program in place to ensure that our puppies find suitable homes, even if circumstances change.
What type of ongoing support do you provide after adopting a puppy?

We offer lifetime support / post-adoption consultations to assist with any questions or concerns you may have about your new puppy.

How can I stay updated on available litters or upcoming puppy arrivals?

Stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, where we announce new litters and puppy arrivals.

Are your puppies spayed/neutered before adoption?

Our puppies are not spayed/neutered before adoption. Please inquire about the specific puppy you’re interested in.

How soon can I take my adopted puppy home?
Puppies are typically ready for their new homes at 8 weeks of age depending on their development and health milestones.
What type of diet are the puppies on?
Our puppies are raised on a high-quality, nutrient dense kibble as well as freeze dried raw toppers to ensure their nutritional needs are met.
How do you socialize your puppies with other animals and people?
Our puppies are exposed to various socialization experiences, including interactions with other pets, children, and different environments.
Can I see the health records of the puppies?
Certainly, we provide complete health records for each puppy, including vaccination history, deworming, and any other relevant health information.
What steps do you take to prevent common puppy health issues?
We take preventive measures such as regular vet check-ups, proper nutrition, and a clean living environment to minimize the risk of common health problems.
Do you provide any training resources for new puppy owners?
Yes, each of our puppies go home with The Puppy System by My Loyal Hound. This amazing training system is included in the price of your puppy to help new owners with puppy training, behavior, and basic care.
Are your puppies crate-trained or house-trained?
Our puppies are introduced to crate-training and house-training as part of their early development, which can greatly facilitate their transition to their new homes.
How do you match puppies with their new family?
We carefully consider factors like temperament, energy level, and your preferences to match each puppy with the most suitable family.
What's the process for selecting a puppy from the litter?
When it’s time to choose a puppy from a litter, we’ll provide guidance based on your preferences and the puppies’ personalities.
What's the typical size range of the puppies you breed?
Our puppies generally fall within the range of Micro(10-25lbs), Mini(25-45) and the occational Large Medium/Small Standard (45-55).
Can I get a video call to see the puppies before visiting in person?
Certainly, we can arrange a video call to introduce you to the puppies and give you a closer look before your visit.
How do you acclimate your puppies to common household experiences?
Our puppies are exposed to everyday household sounds, activities, and routines to help them adjust smoothly to their new homes.
Are there any specific requirements for adopting a puppy from you?
We may have certain requirements, such as a secure yard for certain breeds or an interview process, to ensure the best match between the puppy and your family.
How do you address behavioral challenges in your puppies?
We work closely with our puppies to address behavioral challenges through positive reinforcement, training techniques, and professional guidance.
How do you handle the initial adjustment period when adopting a puppy?
We provide guidance and support during the initial adjustment period, offering tips to help you and your new puppy settle in comfortably.
What's your philosophy on responsible breeding?
We adhere to ethical breeding practices that prioritize the health, well-being, and proper care of both the puppies and their parents.
How do you handle the initial adjustment period when adopting a puppy?

We provide guidance and support during the initial adjustment period, offering tips to help you and your new puppy settle in comfortably.

Can I visit your facility and meet your dogs before placing a deposit or picking my new puppy?

Our “facility” is our home. All of our puppies are raised here and cared for by our family. Our top priority is keeping our family and beloved pups safe.  Serious germs can be brought in on shoes and clothing and could quickly affect our pups in a very negative way, possibly even resulting in death.  Therefore, we currently only allow visits from those on our waiting list who are coming on scheduled visitation days or to pick up their new puppy. The majority of our dogs live in guardian homes, therefore, they aren’t always at our home to be seen.

Our mama dogs may or may not not be available to be seen when coming to pick up your puppy at 8 weeks. Mama dogs have in most cases already gone home by the time your puppy is to be picked up. Visits may be scheduled to see your chosen puppy after that specific litter has received their first set of vaccinations. 

For the safety of our dogs and young puppies as well as our family, we do not allow tours of our home or whelping areas.

Are doodles hypoallergenic?

Technically, no dog is “hypoallergenic” as some people can be allergic to things other than fur like a dog’s saliva or urine. Doodles have allergy friendly properties, making them suitable for individuals who suffer from mild to moderate pet allergies. If you or someone in your home has severe allergies we recommend spending time with different types of adult Doodles before deciding to get on our waiting list. Head to your local dog park and strike up some conversation with fellow Doodle owners and ask if you can interact with their dog. 

Do doodles shed?

At Gimipup, our doodles are generally low to non-shedding. The amount of shedding will depend greatly on generation and breed. F1Bs, F2Bs, and Multigens will shed less (if any) than an F1 and are recommended for those with allergies/concerns about excessive shedding. It is not likely that you will find much hair in your house or on your clothes but doodle dust bunnies are common on the floors every now and then. Loose/dead hair will come off on your comb when you brush your Doodle just like with people who have a head full of hair.

What is the difference between F1, F2, F1B, etc?

We currently work with mostly Mulit-Gen Doodles. Coat type will vary no matter what generation and breed of Doodle you choose. Typically, an F1 pairing will produce straight & wavy coats. F1B pairings typically produce wavy & curly coats. F2B and Multi-Gen pairings will typically produce wavy, and curly coats. 

An F1 Doodle is a result of two different purebred parent dogs.

Example: A purebred Bernese Mountain Dog paired with a purebred Poodle makes an F1 Bernedoodle and will result in puppies that are 50/50 BMD/Poodle. 

*50/50 cross*

An F1B Doodle is the result of an F1 Doodle parent paired with a purebred Poodle.

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle bred to a purebred Poodle would make an F1B Bernedoodle.

*75/25 cross*

An F2 Doodle is a result of an F1 Doodle paired with another F1 Doodle. 

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle bred to an F1 Bernedoodle would make an F2 Bernedoodle. 

*50/50 cross*

 An F2B Doodle puppy is the result of an F1 Doodle parent and an F1B Doodle parent. 

Example: An F1 Bernedoodle bred to an F1B Bernedoodle would make an F2B Bernedoodle.

*75/25 cross*

A Multi-Gen Doodle puppy is the result of an F1B or higher generation parent and an F1B or higher generation parent. 

Example: An F2 Bernedoodle x an F1B Bernedoodle would make a Multi-Gen Bernedoodle

*cross percentage dependent on generations*

What generation/coat type is right for me?

Straight, wavy, or curly coat? What coat type is best for you and of which generation? Due to the unpredictability of coat types in an F1 pairing we are working towards only producing Multigen Doodles. Being a 50/50 cross, F1s can take after either parent (or have a good mix of both). This means that your pup’s coat could resemble the Bernese (or whichever purebred breed being mixed with a poodle) or take more after the Poodle. Coat type is ALWAYS a gamble when choosing any first generation Doodle. This holds true with any F2 pairing as well since both F1 parents used in this combo also carry a shedding/flat coat gene. An F1B may be great for those who want a coat that may shed less, however, many F1Bs are primarily curly and can take after a the Poodle almost entirely in terms of looks. With Multigens we can easily pair certain coat types together to ensure we get furnished, fluffy puppies with great coat texture! A straighter coat in an F1 often means it might shed some and may have a wirey texture. Although, a straighter coat in a Multigen will generally be silky, smooth, and can be low-non shedding. In a Multigen pairing we can actually eliminate the curl gene all together while retaining allergy friendly properties in a thicker and plush coat!

 A straight or wavy coat in a F1 pairing can shed some (generally minimally and less than the originally shedding breed). A straight, wavy, or curly coat in an F2B/Multigen pairing is often low-non shedding. Any straight or wavy coat will require less maintainence than a curly coated Doodle.

What are the grooming requirements for a doodle?

Puppy coats are easy to maintain however, you should comb frequently to prepare them for when their adult coat comes in. It is never too early to get your puppy used to grooming at home while they are young! We recommend you blow dry after every bath to prevent their fur from matting and schedule regular sanitary and face trims throughout puppyhood. A mature Doodle will require professional grooming every 6-8 weeks. Brushing should be done at home at least a few times per week if not more depending on your dog’s exact length and coat type. Bathing and blow drying can be done every few weeks or as needed. Adult Doodles have a high maintaince coat that will need regular upkeep to help them stay looking their best! Please reconsider taking on the responsibility of a Doodle if you are not willing and able to care for their coat physically and financially throughout their entire life. 

What are the differences between the Bernedoodle, Sheepadoodle, Australian Labradoodle and Cavapoo?

Each puppy’s temperament will depend on that of their parents’ rather than the exact breed, as all of these breeds share similar characteristics. Generally our Bernedoodles, ALDs (Australian Labradoodle) and Sheepadoodles are recommended for those who are looking for a fairly active dog that when given the appropriate exercise will also make the perfect snuggle bug. Cavapoos are great for those who want a doodle on the calmer side. The Cockapoo is perfect for anyone wanting something in between! Please keep in mind energy level will vary and will depend on your particular puppy or that pairing.  

Sheepadoodle: Old English Sheepdog & Poodle hybrid- Smart, loyal, eager to please, easy to train, medium energy level, therapy and service dog potential, fun and loving.

Bernedoodle: Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle hybrid- Smart, loyal, easy to train but can be stubborn at times, low-medium energy level, therapy and service dog potential, laid back yet playful.

Cavapoo: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle hybrid- Smart, loyal, easy to train, low energy level, therapy and service dog potential, friendly, social and snuggly.

Coat type is dependent on specific pairing & generation rather than breed. Exact characteristics will vary based on the parents and what they are known for producing. 

What sizes do you offer?

We currently offer Micro/Mini/Medium sizes ranging from 10-25(micro) and 25-50(mini/mini medium) with the occasional Standard litter. *Please note that we cannot guarantee adult weight and/or height at maturity*

What colors do your doodles come in?

We offer doodles in colors/patterns of Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Traditional Tricolor, Chocolate Tricolor, Phantom, Red, Parti in all of the previous shades and occasionally Bicolor.

Do doodles change colors?

It can be common for a Doodle’s color to change to some degree as they mature. Some colors lighten and some darken. This comes from the Poodle side and can be present in any type of Poodle mix. We try our best to produce the most vibrant colors possible but health and temperament will always come first. No matter what color our Doodles could turn purple and we wouldn’t love them any less! 

Are your dogs health tested?

All of our parent dogs are health tested or in the process of completing their health testing. Health testing results for each parent dog can be viewed on our “parents” tab.

Are your doodles good with kids?

Yes! Our puppies are raised in our home with children and make the absolute best family dogs. 

Where are you located?

We are located 15mins outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We offer hand delivery via flight nanny all throughout the U.S. starting at $600-$800+ (depending on location and time of year). Our flight nannies bring your puppy on the plane as a carry-on (being cared for the entire time) and will meet you at your nearest airport with your new furry family member. We currently only offer delivery within the U.S. We highly encourage out of state families to drive/fly in for pick-up day if they are able. Canada families may meet our nannies at the U.S./Canada border.

*Please contact us for more information on delivery.  

What is the total price?

Each of our breeds are priced differently. Please view our PRICING page for all current pricing. Our reservation fee (non-refundable) is $500 which is included in the final purchase price. 

What will my puppy come with/when will they be ready to leave?

Each puppy will go home with all health records (vaccination and de-worming schedule), plush toy, small bag of Pawtree (the current food that they are on), a blanket with mother/sibling’s scent and most importantly, your puppy will go home with an amazing 4 week, comprehensive training course, The Puppy System created by Dre, professional trainer and creator of My Loyal Hound. You will learn how to train your dog essential commands, while reinforcing they look to you for direction! The lessons will help you establish a bond to last a lifetime! To learn more go to our ‘Info’ page and click the ‘Training’ tab. Puppies will be ready to leave at 8 weeks old and will have one set of vaccines prior to going home.

What will my puppy come with/when will they be ready to leave?

Each puppy will go home with all health records (vaccination and de-worming schedule), plush toy, small bag of Pawtree (the current food that they are on), a blanket with mother/sibling’s scent and most importantly, your puppy will go home with an amazing 4 week, comprehensive training course, The Puppy System created by Dre, professional trainer and creator of My Loyal Hound. You will learn how to train your dog essential commands, while reinforcing they look to you fordirection! The lessons will help you establish a bond to last a lifetime! To learn more go to our ‘Info’ page and click the ‘Training’ tab. Puppies will be ready to leave at 8 weeks old and will have one set of vaccines prior to going home.

How does your waiting list/choosing my puppy work?

We compile our waiting list by breed rather than specific pairing as we are unable to guarantee how many puppies we will have in each litter. A $500 non-refundable reservation fee will secure your spot in line. We will send out litter availability updates to those on our list when we have puppies ready to claim. Puppy selections within each litter typically start once they have reached 6-7 weeks of age. We will provide photos and video prior to picking. We do not take requests for photos/videos and will share pictures of your chosen puppy when we have them ready for you! 

Please view our HOW IT WORKS page for more information on choosing and picking up your new puppy.

What sets your breeding program apart from others?
Our commitment to health, socialization, responsible breeding practices and ongoing support sets us apart and ensures the best possible experience for our puppy buyers.

How it Works



Start the process by filling out a Puppy Application.

We can’t wait to hear from you.



After we receive your application we will reach out to schedule a call.

We will answer any of your questions and learn more about what you are looking for.



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