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We are happy you are here. Welcome to our little corner of the internet.

We have carefully and intentionally chosen the absolute best family breeds.  

After researching and debating different breeds, sizes, colors and traits for years to find a low to non shedding, intelligent, and easily trainable family pet, we found that Sheepadoodles, Bernedoodles, and Cavapoos checked all of the boxes for us and then some. In fact, we fell so in love with these gentle and loving companions that we couldn’t help but share this great joy with you.

Our Story

Hello there! I am Jessica St. Angelo, CEO and founder of GimiPup Doodles.

My husband of 15 years, Donald, is my business partner and best friend. I have been a hairdresser for 17 years and am proud to say that I put my husband through dental school then together we purchased a dental practice. In 2016 our dental office flooded and together we rebuilt and created something even better.

Our World

My husband and I have had so much love for all animals from a very young age. I’ve always felt a special connection to them as if we could read each other’s minds and feel each other’s emotions.

I am so grateful that life has led me to exactly where I am and allowed me to be part of creating and raising your next beloved family member.

BAB Program

We love and honor each and every one of our pups.  We breed with purpose and are careful not to produce more than what the current market demands and vow that none of our dogs will ever wind up in a shelter.   We follow the BAB curriculum that sets your puppy up for success and exposes them to all sorts of different sights, sounds, smells, textures and people from as early of an age as 3 days old.  This curriculum is known to produce unparalleled Therapy, Service and Facility dogs as well as gives our puppies a voice and helps give us the information that we need to place each puppy in not just any home but the RIGHT home.  What I mean by “gives our puppies a voice” is we have been specifically trained to strategically temperament test each puppy so that we know different traits such as the energy level of each puppy, how much a puppy tolerates touch, quick and sudden movements, how quickly they recover if and when startled from things like loud sounds, how human focused each puppy is, how tender hearted they are and ultimately can tell you the type of home and environment each of our puppies will thrive in.  If you can’t already tell, we have done a ton of research and put in an extreme amount of work, intension and love into our program as well as each puppy. We didn’t want to just breed and create puppies, our goal is to provide each of our families with a beautiful, well rounded puppy that was raised in our loving home with tons of intension and that has the right temperament for your specific lifestyle and needs.

My Loyal Hound

We truly care about both our puppies as well as the families and homes we send our puppies into.  Therefore, to set you and your new puppy up for success we have partnered with Dre from My Loyal Hound so that each and every one of our puppies go home with Dre’s amazing 4 week online training course, The Puppy System.  In The Puppy System Dre breaks down vital information and walks you through in bite size lessons that are digestible and easily implemented.  Each lesson has been carefully and intensionally  created to give you maximum results in as little time possible so that even busy families can achieve success with this amazing program.  Dre will even send your weekly lessons in order of how she has seen proven to work best so you don’t have to wonder where to start or what to do next.  In addition to the lessons, you will have access to live weekly meetups with fellow peers where you can ask any questions you may have as well as learn from others.  These meet ups have been reported by our other puppy parents to be extremely valuable and great fun to connect with and learn from other puppy parents.  You will likely be in class with some of your puppy’s littermates which can be great fun to connect with as well.  And last but definitely not least, you can reach out to Dre (professional dog trainer and creator of The Puppy System) at any time to ask any training related questions. Dre is a wealth of knowledge and partnering with her has been a game changer for our program as well as for the success of our puppies and families.  

Embark Testing

All of our parent dogs are tested for over 200 different genetic diseases.  We even go as far as to test each individual puppy so your puppy will have their very own profile set up through Embark where you can view their genetic results and breed makeup whenever you would like. Our puppies come with a 2-year guarantee and if kept on the nutrient-dense food that we recommend, we extend this guarantee to 5 years.  That is how much we believe in the food we have chosen to invest in.  Nothing but the best for our beloved pets as they never live long enough but with quality, nutrient-dense food, we can ensure their years are healthy ones and very possibly may even add years to their lives. 

Our pups have intense, beautiful, non-fading colors but most of all, amazing temperaments. All of our dogs are health tested and our puppies are sold with a health guarantee.